First Indian designer brand Libas Riyaz-Reshma Gangji ringing the 1st bell at the National Stock Exchange at BKC, Mumbai.

Stellar move, Libas by Riyaz Gangji has just gone public. What does this mean? It means that Libas has become the first Indian designer label to get listed on the National Stock Exchange of India. With an Initial Public Offering of Rs.68; Libas has done what many Indian design houses and labels have been trying to do since the past half a decade.

When approached, Riyaz explained the reason behind the move. “It’s easy to grow your company if you have people’s confidence. Once your brand has the top of mind recall, sales automatically happen. Of course, this does not mean that your product or service can suffer. In fact, now that we are publicly listed, there is an even bigger responsibility towards the people that the brand has.”