Bigg Boss 16: Housemates Hail Shiv Thakare’s Captaincy, Praise Him For Being Fair

Bigg Boss 16: Bigg Boss Marathi winner Shiv Thakare is being hailed by the audiences for his ongoing stint in Bigg Boss Season 16. Since past few days Shiv Thakare has become one of the most popular contestants in the Bigg Boss house. He recently became the house captain by winning the task against Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Abdu Rozik. Netizens and the house inmates have been lauding Shiv by stating that everything is running smoothly since he took over the captaincy. In the latest episode, as a part of a task where the contestants had to pick the ration for themselves according to the order of their rooms.


Shiv was to get only the ration that’s left after the everyone is done filling up their ration. However, as the captain of the house, he had the power to honk and stop any room whenever he wishes. But Shiv decided to let everyone fairly choose ration according to their needs and even intervened when any room tried to unnecessarily get more ration that what’s needed.

After the task ended, all the housemates including Archana Gautam, Sajid Khan and Nimrit Kaur appreciated Shiv for his fair performance in task. Housemates said, “Shiv is the most fair captain of the house.”

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