Ashoke Pandit Files Complaint, Akshay Kumar Hurt by Richa Chadha’s Galwan Comment

Ever since Bollywood actress Richa Chadha made a comment about the 2020 Galwan clash, in which several Indian Army soldiers died, there has been a massive furor on social media, condemning her act. While the BJP hit out at the actress and demanded legal action against her, filmmaker Ashoke Pandit echoed similar sentiments.

On Thursday, Ashoke Pandit registered a police complaint against Richa Chadha even said that he views her comment as “anti-national”. Speaking exclusively to ANI, right after filing the complaint at a local police station in Mumbai, the filmmaker said, “I, as a citizen of this country, am very hurt, and with me, there are lakhs and lakhs of people who have felt hurt looking at the social media…with this obnoxious, anti-national statement of actress Richa Chadha. I strongly condemn it, and I thought as a citizen that I should make a police complaint against her. I have appealed to the police that an FIR should be filed against her, and lawful action should be taken against her because nobody can get away by mocking our security forces. She has mocked the families of the security forces who have laid down their lives at Galwan, she is abusing our security forces.”

He added, “So it becomes my utmost duty to file a complaint against her so that action should be taken. And nobody can get away by mocking and making fun of security forces. We respect them, we respect their families.”

Pandit also appealed to other members of the film fraternity to come out in public and condemn Richa’s comment. “I think this statement of hers, this mockery of hers should not be taken lying down. And I appeal to my film and television industry to condemn this obnoxious, anti-national act of Richa Chadha. So that tomorrow if the people of this country react against the industry there should be no justifications. As far as condemnation is concerned. I’m sure industry bigwigs will react to this and condemn this statement of hers so that this act from the industry is not repeated anymore,” Pandit concluded.

Akshay Kumar took to Twitter to call out Richa Chadha

Akshay Kumar shared a screenshot of her comment. Along with the photo, he attached his statement that read, “Hurts to see this. Nothing ever should make us ungrateful towards our armed forces. Woh hain toh aaj hum hain.”

Richa Chadha issued a public apology on 24 November, after deleting her controversial tweet, that appeared to ridicule a top army commander’s statement on the 2020 Galwan clash with Chinese troops. “Even though it can never be my intention in the least, if the 3 words which are being dragged into a controversy have offended or hurt anyone, I apologise and also say that it would sadden me if even unintentionally my words have triggered this feeling in my brothers in the fauj (army) of which my own Nanaji has been an illustrious part,” “As a Lt. Col, he took a bullet in the leg in the Indo-China war, in 1960s. My Mamaji was a paratrooper. It’s in my blood. A whole family is affected when their son is martyred or even injured while saving the nation which is made up of people like us and I personally know how it feels. It is an emotive issue for me,” she further added in her apology tweet.”
It all started on Wednesday, Richa had reacted to Northern Army Commander Lt General Upendra Dwivedi’s statement that the Indian Army is ready to execute any orders on taking back Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). Lt General Dwivedi’s statement was made with reference to the Defence Minister’s previous address in which he reiterated New Delhi’s resolve to take back Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), saying all refugees would get their land and homes back.

Lt General Dwivedi said, “As far as the Indian Army is concerned, it will carry out any order given by the Government of India. Whenever such orders are given, we will always be ready for it.”