Naagin 6, September 25, Written Episode: Sheshnaagin Saves Anmol’s Life, Jeet Finds Out Prathna is Naagin

Naagin 6, September 25, Written Episode: In today’s episode a bomb attack is planted on the social event. As  Rishabh and Rudra try to nab the terrorist he throws the bomb towards Anmol. Suddenly a huge snake comes to her rescue and saves her life. Rudra realizes his mistake and proposes to Anmol. Tara needs Mahasapera’s help for her evil plan. Professor Jeet questions Suhasini about Prathna’s truth. Prathna’s job has been permanent at Rudra’s office. Tara has a deadly plan against Prathna to seek revenge of her daughter Seema.


Prathna transforms inot Sheshnaagin and beats up Mahasapera and his disciples. Prathna reaches her house in the morning and realizes that she doesn’t stammer anymore. Jeet and Rudra point out that her stammering has gone, then she pretends that she still stammers at times. Anmol wants to go to New York to get over Rudra but Pratha and Rishabh tell her that they will go together for a family vacation. Pratha tells Anmoil that she will have to accompany her to the charity event and also model for bridal wear. Anmol’s friends tell her that Rudra will be covering the event. When Rudra and his team arrive at the event Anmol is stunned to see Prathna. She requests her if she could hug her and Prathna agress.


The episode starts with Pratha aka Tejasswi Prakash introducing Anmol to Rajesh Pratap’s aunt Suhasini. She tells her that Suhasini works for social causes in the country. Rudra aka Pratik Sehajpal asks his teammates to stay alert as the attack on the charity even can happen any time. Prathna gets frustrated to cover the fashion event as she thinks this is not journalism. Anmol aka Amandeep Sidhu walks the ramp in bridal collection as Rishabh aka Simba Nagpal, Pratha and Rudra watch her. Tara aka Sudha Chandran is eyeing an opportunity to execute an evil plan. Professor Jeet finds out according to his theory that the attack is going to happen on the minister who is at the charity event. He goes there to save the minister. In the backstage, a model gets hurt and can’t walk properly. As the organisers get worried, Anmol convinces Prathna for the ramp walk as it is for a charitable cause. When Prathna walks the ramp Professor Jeet arrives and sees her there. He gets worried that her life is at risk. Suddenly a message pops up in everyone’s cell phones which says bomb detected at the event. As everyone starts rushing Jeet runs to find out Prathna who is backstage. Rudra tells Rishabh and Pratha to get outside and assures them that he will safely bring Anmol to them.



Rudra manages to get Anmol outside but realizes that the minister has been hurt in the neck similar to the locust attack. He runs inside but Anmol tries to stop him. He tells Anmol that it is very important for him. Rudra reaches the crime scene but by the time the minister is already dead. Rudra finds out a Rose with a sting attached to it. Suddenly a caped man with a time bomb runs in front of him. As Rudra comes outside trying to catch him Rishabh tells him that he is with him when it comes to the nation. Anmol runs after Rudra and Rishabh as she is worried about Rudra’s life. Suddenly the terrorist throws the time-bomb inside and it reaches towards Anmol. As Rudra and Rishabh chase the terrorist, Anmol is all alone. Suddenly Prathna arrives and transforms into a large snake as Jeet sees her from behind. Prathna throws away the bomb outside which falls on the terrorist. Anmol faints due to the explosion. Prathna transoforms into Sheshnaagin and picks her up with her tail. As Pratha arrives there Prathna is gone and Anmol wakes up. She tells Pratha how a large snake saved her life. Rishabh and Rudra also arrive near Anmol. Anmol keeps asking Rishabh and Pratha if Rudra is alright. She tells them even if he doesn’t love her she can’t live if something happens to him. Rudra is moved by Anmol’s love for him and proposes her. He tells her that he only wants to marry her.


Jeet gives support to Prathna as they leave the event venue since she cannot walk properly. She tells Jeet that she cannot remember things after doing them. Jeet tells her that she is a Naagin and she gets shocked. He then laughs and tells her that he was joking. he says that she is very lucky to have God’s protection that she didn’t get hurt at the event. Jeet speaks to himself that though Prathna is a Naagin, yet he won’t let anyone harm her. Tara asks Mahasapera and his disciples why did they want to trap Prathna. He tells her that many years ago Pratha had killed his Guru, so he wants to seek revenge. Suddenly Suhasini and Urvashi aka Urvashi Dholakia come from behind and stab all his disciples. Mahasapera pleads to Tara to not kill her. Tara tells him she won’t kill her as he will have to do an important work for her. Prathna enters her office the next day and is surprised to find nobody around. Suddenly saperas (snake charmers) emerge and start playing their flute as she feels it unbearable. When she starts turning into Naagin Rudra arrives and shouts at everyone. He asks what is happening in the office, his employees tell him that this was a surprise prank since Prathna has got permanent job. He tells everyone that this is not surprise but ragging. Rudra’s friend asks him why he is getting over protective about Prathna. He tells him that he is protective about everyone.


Rudra’s friend then asks him why he said yes to Anmol when he doesn’t love her. He tells him that Anmol’s unconditional love towards him can’t be disrespected. He tells him that Anmol deserves to get her love. His friend quizzes what if Rudra someday finds his true love. Rudra denies saying h can never fall in love with any girl as he’s in love with his work. Rudra’s coffee spills on his shirt while he is working and he takes off his shirt. Suddenly Prathna enters and feels embarrassed. Rudra is unable to find his shirt so Prathna gives him from his drawer. Rudra’s parents are going somewhere, suddenly their car hits Tara. They ask her if she is hurt or if they can help her. She tells them that she is old and poor and needs work. They take her at Rudra’s office and tell the manager to give her nay job that suits her. Prathna recognizes Tara and asks her what she is doing in office. Tara tells her that she is here for work since she needs money. Tara tells her that when she sees her she is reminded of her daughter. Prathna tells her that she is like her daughter only. Tara tells her that her daughter would be of Prathna’s grandmother’s age. As Prathna gets back to her work, Tara says she’ll seek revenge from her.


Jeet blames Suhasini for hiding the truth but she refuses. He tells her not to lie as he has seen Prathna getting transformed into a Naagin. Suhasini laughs and says if mother is Naagin then daughter will be the same. Rudra and his parents are going down on the lift. Suddenly the lift starts losing balance and is about to fall. Rudra asks the security staff who tell him that the lift was under maintenance. As Rudra and his family get worried, Prathna transforms into a large snake and stops the lift from falling.

In the next episode Pratha prays to Lord Shiva so that she can meet the snake who saved Anmol’s life. Sheshnaagin says she will do anything to save her country.

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