Rupali Ganguly Breaks Silence on Why Anupama Looks Older Than Anuj Kapadia in a Powerful Statement – Watch

Anupamaa latest news: Ever since Gaurav Khanna entered Anupamaa as Anuj Kapadia, a section of the audience feels that he looked younger than Rupali Ganguly on the show. Months after debates and discussions on the internet about Rupali looking elder to Gaurav in their romantic track, the actor finally spoke her mind in an interview recently. She mentioned that she has heard all these discussions and she knows that some people have also trolled her for the same but there’s a reason why the makers cast a younger man opposite her. Rupali explained that she’s proud of doing Anupamaa at the age of 45 while Gaurav is 41. She said one has to understand the characters that they both are playing in the show to see how their looks and age differences fit perfectly into the narrative.

The popular actor said she plays the role of Anupama who’s the mother of three grown-up kids and has been struggling with performing household duties her entire life while Anuj Kapadia is a business tycoon who lives a luxurious life with so many people taking care of him. Therefore, it’s only justified for her character to look older than Anuj.

Rupali was quoted as saying, “I don’t care if people on social media are saying ‘oh she looks fat, she’s older than Anuj.’ Yes, I am older than Gaurav Khanna in real life. He’s 40. This year, he’s going to be 41 while I am going to be 45. I am proud of that. We play Anuj and Anupama in the show who are both 45 – of the same age. When a woman goes through the process of becoming a mom – when women like Anupama become a mother to three kids and also handle all their household chores, they don’t get time to take care of themselves. But, when there’s an Anuj Kapadia who’s a rich tycoon, he has all the time to take care of himself and his public appearance matters to him. That kind of a man looks young.”

While the fans have always loved Rupali’s chemistry with Gaurav on-screen, many felt that this Anuj Kapadia was total unfit to be paired opposite Anupama as the love of her life. Your thoughts on Rupali’s statement? Watch this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!