Sonu Nigam on Getting Coronavirus: I am COVID Positive, Not Dying

Sonu Nigam tests positive of COVID: Singer Sonu Nigam, his wife and his son have been tested positive for the coronavirus in Dubai. The singer took to social media to reveal his diagnosis and mentioned that he got tested at least thrice hoping for a negative result but all three results came out to be positive. The popular playback singer also posted a video on Instagram in which he talked about his health condition and expressed disappointment about the work coming to halt again.

“I am in Dubai. I had to come to India to perform in Bhubaneswar and shoot for Super Singer season 3. I got myself tested I was positive. I got retested, I was still positive and again got retested but my results came out to be positive. But I think people will have to live with it. I have done concerts in the viral and bad throat and this is much better than that. I am COVID positive but I am not dying. My throat is also fine. But I feel bad for the people who have faced loss because of me,” he said in his vlog.

Sonu added that not just him, others from his industry including the filmmakers and the theatre owners are also suffering once again due to the rise in COVID cases and the restrictions that come along. The singer said, “It is spreading very fast. I feel bad for us because the work has just started. I feel sorry for the people associated with theatres and also for the filmmakers. Because the work is getting affected from last two years. But hopefully, things will be fine.”

Sonu’s wife Madhurima and son Neevan have also been diagnosed with COVID and keeping well. The singer also feels fine and is following the quarantine restrictions. We wish him and his family a speedy recovery!