Avinesh Rekhi – I will be indebted to my Mom for my entire life.


By Aryeman


Avinesh Rekhi as Sarabjit from Choti Sarrdaarni, “I genuinely believe, there is no role in life more essential than that of a mother. The most beautiful word on the lips of a person is ‘Mother’, ‘Maa’ or ‘Mummy’. With mothers being the creators, Mother’s Day technically becomes one of the most special day in the life of the entire human race. They are a form of God. As for me, words cannot express how much my mother means to me. The unconditional love and affection she gives me every day.

“The way she has borne my pain, with so much ease, and the way she has struggled to raise me considering I was a difficult child. She transformed me into a civilized person and provided me with the best of education so that today I can perceive the world in a better way. For all these things and so many more, I will be indebted to her my entire life. The more I do for her will still be less, as she has provided this beautiful life . Today, as a parent, I realise how tough it is to be a mother. They are the real superheroes. I salute each and every mom out there and wish them a very beautiful and Happy Mother’s Day.”