Moitrayee Bhaduri – The Agatha Christie of India

By Shanayaa Sethi

If you’re looking for a novel operating within certain parameters – a mystery, simply and elegantly structured where the twist is based on misdirection and authorial sleight of hand – there are only a handful of Indian women writers. After being glued to a recent book titled ‘Who Killed The Murderer?’, one can only confess that the characters are more psychologically complex, there is a new bag of tricks that emerge. All this make it a perfect read and a blockbuster whodunit.

Book Cover_WKTM_Front.jpg

A writer is surely a genius mind who works effectively in creating high-octane turbulence in the minds of the readers without compromising on the verbose content. The book has lucid writing and the character of Detective Mili Ray is so beautifully etched out that you are dazed at her complex yet effective manner in solving the case.

Murder mysteries are always interesting, this one surely fascinates your imagination with every twist and turn. The title itself is not misleading but the buzz word that is surely spreading like wild-fire in the literary circle. Author Moitrayee Bhaduri has arrived with a resounding bang, with the release of her second thriller book.

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On a personal note, we would proclaim with great gusto – MOITRAYEE BHADURI is The Agatha Christie of India.

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