What’s Brewing at London Taxi with India’s Iconic Tea Designer Gitaanjali Taneja?


By Dr. Riddhima

Kamala Mills most frequented Gastro-pub which has always created a furor is buzzing with something quintessentially creative and going with their branding theme. Yes, we are talking about ‘London Taxi’ which has charmed zillions of Mumbai nightlife chasers.


An insider squeaked to us that London Taxi is all set to launch something really unique, exquisite and never-done-before tie-up with India’s Iconic Tea Designer Gitaanjali Taneja. Apparently, Taneja has been bestowed with the “Paris Appreciation Awards” as the celebrated Tea Designer for the most Innovative Tea blends for Mind and body. This event was held in Paris at the Eiffel Tower.


Since the buzz is pertaining to Tea, obviously who better than Gitaanjali would have been the perfect choice. From friends who never her well, she has been researching on the holistic properties of teas from all across the globe and has some proven, magical success stories. She has a healthy mix of elite clients, medical practitioners and even spas who use her as a consultant and avail of her brand ‘Tea Time Stories by Gitaanjali’.

Watch out this space for more on the London Taxi and Gitaanjali Taneja tie-up!