Balika Vadhu…Lamhe Pyaar Ke

balika v

If you yearn for something, your fates hold the power to realign destiny and bring you your heart’s desire. And it’s this longing to fulfill her mother, Anandi’s last wish which gives her daughter, Nandini the wings to achieve her dreams and dictate her own future. COLORS’ longest running fiction drama, Balika Vadhu will narrate a story of love and aspirations as they erase the memories of pain and longing of her childhood. As an established doctor, Nandini finds a purpose which helps her to overcome the stigma of her past and chart the way for a journey that promises happiness beyond comprehension. Nandini’s journey of love and determination to move on will commence as a brand new chapter – Balika Vadhu…Lamhe Pyaar Ke, starting 25th April 2016, every Monday to Friday at 8:00 PM on COLORS.