Launch of Rohhit Verma’s store

Fashion Designer Rohhit Verma Launched (Haute Couture) Flagship with the new collection derived from Indus Valley, Mesopotamia, Egyptian and Chinese Civilizations. with Marigold Watches

1. Rohhit Verma DSC_1816 3. Shilpa Marigold DSC_1168 4. Ravi Kissen, Aslam Shaikh, Shilpa Marygold, with Rohhit Verma  DSC_1586 5. Aslam Shaikh with Rohhit Verma DSC_1676 6. Aslam Shaikh, Shilpa Marigold with Rohhit Verma  SC_1565 7. Rohhit VErma with Aslam Shaikh DSC_1627 8. Rohhit Verma with Shilpa Marigold DSC_0874 9. Rohhit vErma with Anupama Verma DSC_0783 10. Aslam Shaikh, Rohhit Verma  with Ravi Kissen DSC_1538 11. Rohhit Verma with Poonam Dhillon DSC_1009 12. Rohhit Verma with Bhagyashree DSC_1030 13. Rohhit Verma with Renuka Shahane DSC_1057 14. Rohhit Verma with Sara Khan DSC_1924 15. Rohhit VErma With Mouni Roy DSC_1636 16. Rohhit Verma with Sandip Soparkar DSC_1251 17. Rohhit VErma with Shilpa Marigold and Vindu Dara Singh DSC_0987 18. Rohhit Verma with Dolly Bindra DSC_1232 19. Rohhit VErma with Sudhanshu Pandey and Wife DSC_1513 20. Rohhit Verma  DSC_1082 21. DSC_0969 22. Shakir Shaikh with Rohhit Verma and Rehan Shah DSC_0928 23. Rohhit Verma with Shakir Shaikh DSC_1613 24. Rohhit VErma with Amy Billimoria DSC_1237 25. Rohhit Verma with Anupama Verma DSC_1717 26. Amy Billimoria with Renuka Shahne DSC_1269 27. Vivek Mishra with Sandip Soparkar and a friend DSC_1789 28. Rohhit VErma with Poonam Dhillon, Vindu DAra Singh and Shilpa Marigold DSC_1179 29. Rohhit Verma DSC_1742 30. DSC_1203