350 copies of Anupam Kher’s ‘The Best Thing About You Is You’ were sent to Jaipur for the Lit Festival. Reports say that the bookshop at the festival grounds sold the entire lot and book orders had to be placed in large numbers. ‘The Best Thing About You Is You’, thus becomes the highest selling title at the Jaipur Literature Festival. A recently conducted AC Neilsen survey reports that the book in its first week was on number 250. In the second week it was number 34 and now in the third week, it is number 18. Success of the book has been talked about on Facebook, Twitter as well as by Penguin Publication. Next week onwards, contests and other schemes for readers and book buyers will be part of the promotion for the book.

‘The Best Thing About You Is You’ has examples from the actor’s own life and experiences. He subtly motivates and inspires you by providing a handy guide to discovering your real self and finding peace of mind and contentment in today’s chaotic times. He feels that the best way to counter the negativity that exists in the world these days, where people are gripped by fear, insecurity, stress, frustration and unhappiness is by acquiring a positive outlook. Citing his own example, he reveals how a humble background need not be an obstacle to attaining the dizzying heights of success, but simultaneously, sounds a warning about the importance of gracefully handling such success. He shares the vital ingredients in his recipe for success as well as no-nonsense methods to get the most out of your life. This volume contains the author’s views on a wide variety of topics such as the anger syndrome, the phenomenon of change, thought control, dealing with relationships, conquering stress, getting rid of fears, coming to terms with failure, realizing the power within oneself, coping with loss and death and much more. Here’s a book you will find yourself turning to for soothing, insightful guidance and practical advice no matter what situation you’re in. You’ll come to realize that the best thing about you is YOU!